Saturday, October 22, 2005

My farm is for sale and we must disperse our horses! We are proud to show you our sale horses. These are all very correct in conformation. They have dense, round feet, short cannons with substantial bone. Shoulder and Hip angles are normally excellent with natural impulsion.

The Shagya and the Shagya crosses are suitable for many disciplines. Many are excellent jumpers and excel in the hunter ring. Some find dressage is their forte'. And the endurance world has discovered they are a natural for endurance as 200 years ago they were the result of a blueprint for the ideal cavalry mount.
Whatever they are used for the one dominent trait is always their kind, willing attitude. They just seem to like people and because they are tuned to their riders, normally they respond quickly to training. Rare breed, only about 150 in the U.S. Maybe 1800 worldwide. Posted by Picasa
Lily Creek Diva Dance

Diva is a six year old mare that is 1/2 Arabian 1/2 Shagya. She is a big, very elegant mare who loves to work. She has a long neck, refined head and reaching gaits. She produced a filly this year and has been bred back to *Dante.

She is 16.1 h.h. Diva is perfect for dressage. She is an alpha mare! Posted by Picasa
Lily Creek Brianne

This is another of our frozen sperm babies sired by Bahadur. She is a very petite, 3 yr. old mare who scored 8.6 at her inspection. She has wonderful flowing gaits.

Brianne is in foal to *KS Rubin for a 2006 foal.

Excellent pedigree. Would be a good foundation mare for a new breeder Posted by Picasa
Tunis & Lily Creek Tansy

Tansy was born on June 7th, o5' and is sired by *Dante and dam is our wonderful Anglo-Trakehner mare, Tunis.

Tansy is very tall and graceful with wonderful angles, lovely neck and very refined head. She is one of our best foals born at Lily Creek.

Suitable for many of the sport horse disciplines. ATA reg. if inspected. Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 21, 2005

Bahadur Posted by Picasa

This 16 h.h. black Shagya stallion is the sire of three of the Lily Creek horses. Brielle, Bataan and Brianne.

He competes successfully in Europe against warmbloods. Bahadur just began some endurance training. Sire of many foals in Europe who are winning many awards.

It is certain his bloodline will impact the Shagya and warmblood breeds. Posted by Picasa
*KS Tribute LCR

Tribute left in the spring of 2005 for a new home in Bogota, Columbia, South America. We have frozen semen available, but no offspring at this time.

Tribute scored a record 9.5 at his breed inspection. He came to the U.S. as a weanling from Germany so has completed a journey.

Wonderful Shagya stallion who is certain to make a legacy! Posted by Picasa
Lily Creek Davani

Three days old, she is showing her form!
Davani will turn gray. Posted by Picasa
Secret To Keep & filly, Davani

Secret and her very precocious, filly by *Dante. Davani is not Shagya--she would be 3/4 Shagya, 1/4 Thoroughbred. The Throughbred link prevents her from being registered as a purebred Shagya, but it is a perfect combination for the supreme sport horse. She would be eligable for Trakehner or any of the Warmbloods registry after a breed inspection. Posted by Picasa
Lily Creek Tiarra

Another view of this promising yearling filly. Bred for dressage or eventing. Posted by Picasa
*KS Rubin LCR

This photos shows his gorgeous head and neck. Posted by Picasa
*KS Rubin LCR

KS Rubin scored 8.8 at his inspection, following in the tradition of his champion ancestors in Germany.

This friendly, very athletic stallion is for sale and will be an asset to anyone seriously interested in having a stallion that will add a firm foundation to their breeding program.

He was bred to three young mares, Seredy, My Secret and Brianne for 2006 foals. Posted by Picasa
Lily Creek Tiarra

Tiarra is a yearling filly from Tunis, Anglo/Trakehner mare X Stetson. She is a very tall filly that will probably end up 16.1. She shows all of the talent for wonderful dressage prospect.

Tunis is a Troubadour daughter. He was listed for the Olympics and well known for his brilliance.

Here is a filly to tuck away for a few years at a very reasonable price. Posted by Picasa
Secret, Selebration and Davinchi Posted by Picasa
Lily Creek Ciara

Arabian/Shagya cross, six yr. old mare that is solid walk/trot/canter. Ciara has a great trot, so smooth you can sit and a rocking horse canter.
Great impulsion makes her a natural for dressage although she would also do well in endurance.

Ciara has a very kind, willing attitude and loves to interact with her person.
Her dam has well known bloodlines.

She would produce purebred Shagya if bred to approved Shagya stallion. Posted by Picasa
Lily Creek Secret To Keep

Secret is a six year old Anglo/Shagya mare, who took this summer off to rear a filly, Davani, by Dante.

She is a wonderful Hunter type and will resume training early in 2006. She has been well started and is a very good jumper.

Secret is reg. ATA. She stands almost 16 h.h. This mare is everyone's favorite because of her stunning type and great attitude. Posted by Picasa
Lily Creek Seredy

Seredy is an approved Shagya mare, scoring 8.6 at her inspection.

Lovely mare, about 16 h.h., only 3 year olds. In foal to KS Rubin Posted by Picasa
Lily Creek My Secret (Mya)

Three year old Anglo/Trakehner mare, in foal to KS Rubin Posted by Picasa
Seredy and My Secret

Three year old mares

Seredy is a daughter of Selebration X Stetson. Very tall mare, 16 h.h. with great, reaching gaits.

My Secret, is reg. ATA, and is sired by the great *Sixtus, son, Lafayette. Produced from frozen semen, she offers rare bloodlines in the U.S.

Both mares are in foal to *KS Rubin, our imported Shagya stallion

Here is quality in anyone's herd! Posted by Picasa
Lily Creek Bataan and Lily Creek Brielle Posted by Picasa
Lily Creek Brielle

Brielle is a full sister to Bataan. She is a charming mare, very feminine in appearance. She is just stunning and will be a definate asset to any broodmare band.

Two years old Posted by Picasa
Lily Creek Bataan

Bataan is a big, growthy yearling colt sired by a Shagya stallion named Bahadur, who is in Europe, competing against all breeds in eventing. The dam is our premier mare, Selebration. She has produced two chestnut foals from frozen semen, Bataan and a two year old filly, Brielle.

The color is unusual in the Shagya breed. We would expect Bataan to be a stallion prospect.

Bataan combines some of the choice bloodlines found in the Shagya world today. Posted by Picasa
Dakotah and Sable Posted by Picasa
Lily Creek Sable

Sable is the last of our very successful Anglo/Shagya cross. Dam is ATA approved Thoroughbred mare and sire is Lily Creek Stetson.

Only two years old, Sable is probably a natural for the Hunter ring. He will be about 15.3, has short cannons, good bone, excellent legs and feet.

Quiet and easy to train

Dakotah in background Posted by Picasa
Lily Creek Dakotah

Another clip of Dakotah. Note the correct shoulder and hip angles.

Secret To Keep, gray mare in background. Posted by Picasa