Saturday, October 22, 2005

My farm is for sale and we must disperse our horses! We are proud to show you our sale horses. These are all very correct in conformation. They have dense, round feet, short cannons with substantial bone. Shoulder and Hip angles are normally excellent with natural impulsion.

The Shagya and the Shagya crosses are suitable for many disciplines. Many are excellent jumpers and excel in the hunter ring. Some find dressage is their forte'. And the endurance world has discovered they are a natural for endurance as 200 years ago they were the result of a blueprint for the ideal cavalry mount.
Whatever they are used for the one dominent trait is always their kind, willing attitude. They just seem to like people and because they are tuned to their riders, normally they respond quickly to training. Rare breed, only about 150 in the U.S. Maybe 1800 worldwide. Posted by Picasa


Blogger April said...


I have admired your horses from afar for quite some while now..they are beautiful. My friend Ann, who you also know, sent me a photo of Tribute.

That photo is now my screen-saver...hope you don't mind. I had no idea that Shagyas were as large as they are, I always thought they averaged 15.1 or 15.2 HH.

You did really, really good!

Take care, and best wishes to you and yours. April Hughes

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